zaterdag 23 januari 2010

How to make your own Das Banale Ding photography
Picture Maker Handy Manual:

  1. While walking on the street or swinging around your own home stop for a second to look 'closely' what’s around you. Do you see anything that’s particularly drawing your attention? Something you had never seen before? Probably not: that means you are already looking into the right direction.

  2. Pick any regular object or situation. Looking under your bed, checking out the fridge, a walk around the block or a stroll along the corridors of the Action or Blokker shop could be of a lot of help for this first exercise. Look for a place or a situation in which the object become something different than what it originally was. Does it look ridiculous now or silly, or makes no sense to you at all? Then you've chosen the right object to work with.

  3. Take the camera and get it ready to try a first shot. When referencing to “the camera” I mean any 'gadget' around that makes pictures (i.e. mobile phone, photo camera, web-cam, etc.).

  4. Try several shots and take a closer look at the results. Modifying the position of the object (turning it upside down, moving it from left to right or even getting rid of it) could help a lot in giving the picture a real banal characteristic.

  5. Choose the most banal picture out of them all, give it a name, and send it to The Das Banale online team will be more than happy to check it out and post it on the blog.

  6. Keep in touch with You’ll be surprised not only about yourself…

Important Note:

Tell all your friends about it. All you need is to take a good look around, have a camera and preferably no shame. Remember: The sky is the limit and banality is around the corner, it’s only a matter of capturing it.